Thursday, 2 October 2014

Fradley Junction

We were within one day of the marina but it would have meant a late return home taking into account the time taken to empty the boat.  So we are making it an easy two day journey.  We left the mooring at 9am and had a quick journey of 7 mile and 8 lock to arrive at Fradley Junction at 1pm, aided by most of the locks being set in our favour.

Then to the Swan, the lockside pub at Fradley (commonly known as the Mucky Duck), for a rather good pub lunch washed down with an "Ilkley Black" beer.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Electrics check and service

First thing in the morning we motored a mile or so up the canal to Mercia Marina to visit Aqua Narrowboats  where a few days ago we had booked an electrics check as whenever we connect the boat to shore power it trips the mains supply. The engineer there was able to prove pretty conclusively that it was due to a fault in the inverter/generator which converts the 240V AC to 12 Volt DC.  Fixing this will entail taking the inverter out and sending it to the manufacturers in Holland, something we will need to sort out when we get back to base.  Whilst at Aqua Densie also had a 250 hour oil change,something not due for another 15 hours, but it avoids hassle next time we go out, probably spring next year.

Everything was completed within two hours so we then continued on our way through Burton upon Trent to Branston Lock near where we moored on the way out last week.